Sunday, February 24, 2008

Winner! - Crappiest Kid's Meal Toy Ever

Any parent knows the drill. Kids love fast food. It's ingrained into their DNA from childbirth. Our kids know Ronald McDonald as well as we knew Joe Camel. Except Ronald is still legal. Oops. I'm getting off track here.

I've always wondered - is it more the food, or the toy that comes with the meal that excites kids? I remember getting Happy Meals, and not really caring about the food. I just wanted that toy. One time, I got a "Stomper" truck (remember those?) that I played with for years. I also remember getting pretty cool Lego sets, that now would probably cost $19.99 at the store.

You see it all the time. Parents frustrated with their kids, because they're playing with the toy instead of eating.

I never let my kids have the toy until they're done. Seems pretty simple to me. But, I always peek in the bag and say "Whoa! You guys are sure in for a surprise... when you're done!" You always want to encourage your kids to finish their food, even when it's incredibly unhealthy. I guess.

Today, I had a hard time doing that. The kids both got a Kids Meal from a mall Dairy Queen. It included a hot dog, bag of chips, milk, even a coupon for a dessert when they're done. And the toy? Well, you've just got to see for yourself:

A tarantula? And a beetle? They were both made of extremely hard plastic. And, they both looked like they were dead. Good times!

The kids looked at me with confused, disappointed eyes. My son, for the first time ever, asked:

"What is it supposed to do?"

I wasn't sure what to tell him. I gave them their coupons for their treat, hoping they'd forget about the creepy things and move on with their lives.

With Dilly Bars in hand, they seemed unscathed. Better luck next time. :)

Although, now that I think about it, there was that miniature stuffed oven mitt from Arby's a few years back... that was pretty bad, too.


mamaJD said...

Which one is the girl toy? Lemonhead would ask that. And I am making a note to self: don't go to DQ for a kids meal.

Why are YOU going to DQ for a kids meal? Take the kids to McDonalds or BK but never DQ. Duh.

otisgexperience said...

Trust me. I know. It was slim pickins' at the Missoula mall. :) I had a choice of giving them a DQ kids meal or an extra-tall Orange Julius. At least the Orange Julius wouldn't have come with a creepy toy.

Shinie said...

Tell B the toys are to hide in Grandpa's cereal box.

Mama Kautz said...

We went to Famous Dave's in Missoula yesterday and they don't even give you a kids toy just cookies :(

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