Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bowl and Pitcher Loop

Friday, April 29th, 2013

Bowl and Pitcher is a sweet spot, no matter what your business is there. There are hiking trails (that exclude bikes), combo trails (that don't exclude bikers, a little to hiker's dismay), climbing rocks, and just plain great scenery for if you only want to sit on a rock and play a guitar. Or eat a sandwich. Or smoke a cigarette near the trail as non-smoking families ride by. I happened to be in Spokane to visit Mavis at her work, and decided to take the kids on a little adventure while we were there. This ride (and others in this area) are described in the book Mountain Biking Spokane and Coeur d'Alene.

Left from the Riverside State Park parking lot. Make sure you have a dumb Discovery Pass.

Very cool suspension bridge. There are some stairs you
have to carry your bike up, which kinda sucked 

1:45 PM
We'd barely started, and the kids already found rocks to climb. Which was perfect. This was a fun little knob that was safe enough for someone who takes their kids climbing regularly, sketchy to people walking by who didn't know that.

Going for the biking/climbing combo deal
2:15 PM
Reached the first Centennial Trail junction, which has one of those forest service-style outhouses. From here, you could ride north or south along the paved trail. We opted to cross and follow a dirt single track through a burned area.

Representative of the lower section. We came
across four deer, which I'm sure is common

2:30 PM
While riding through the burned area, several other bikers came screaming down from trails above. You could spend a lot of time exploring just this area.

2:45 PM
Curved around and ended up running into the paved Centennial Trail again. You could just double back on the single track, but The Goo was whining a bit (as was anticipated) so we rode back on the pavement.

3:00 PM
Back at the first Centennial Trail junction, and decided to stop and enjoy some view.

Kinda makes you forget that you're just slightly
downriver from busy downtown Spokane and a
gigantic sewage treatment plant...
3:30 PM
Back at the parking lot. Keep in mind that we rode fairly slow and stopped a lot.

Distance: 1.82 miles one-way
Elevation Gain: Negligible