Tuesday, February 26, 2008

3 Hours in One Minute

I have a fascination with time-lapse photography. One of my favorite parts of "Extreme Makeover, Home Edition" is when they have that one shot of the house being built - In a matter of seconds.

Awhile back I got the k'nex "Serpent's Spiral" for my son. As we started building it, I realized it would be a pretty good subject for a time-lapse movie. So, after 3 hours of building, I compressed the video down to around a minute. Not quite "Extreme Makeover" cool, but still kinda cool.


Idaho Dad said...

Very nice. I love building things like this with my kids. The only problem is, what to do with it after it's done. There's no place to keep it, and they get tired of it after such a short time. We usually build them once and that's it. Ugh.

Here's a cool time-lapse video of a vine.

Anonymous said...

Dude, that was awesome. Your kids are lucky. I would have broken that thing, definitely.