Friday, January 9, 2009

High Heels... For Boys!

Men don't understand women's obsession with shoes.

They always seem to have 1,378 pairs. High heels, boots, tennis shoes... and other assorted "foot coverings". Like most guys, I probably have around 5 pair. In years past, I've had 2. We just don't get excited about such things. So I wondered, what is it that guys get excited about?


I have probably 30 t-shirts hanging in my closet. Some of them I've never worn. Some of them were bought purely on a whim. Some of them I paid too much for, while others were absolute bargains. And granted, some of them should have been retired years ago.

Sound familiar, ladies?

This is all coming about because I was at the Hot Topic in the Valley Mall a couple days ago, and picked up this gem:

Straight from the clearance pile, for $7.00. Awesome. :) For now, it's displayed proudly in my work cubicle, for all to see.


Anonymous said...

Funny Otis, I can't believe DFO front paged you with a link to the t-shirt in that first picture... I wonder if he will catch on. BTW, it's been too long we should get a beer sometime.


Anonymous said...

Man, you hang up your T-shirts? That's crazy organized. Here's to funny ... - B

Anonymous said...

I lost a bet to Brad for a Rolex on the name of that bar. gad. I can not believe you have a T-shirt with that bar's name on it. We had to make a call to information to get it straight. I was sure it was Skinny Dick's.