Friday, December 5, 2008

Livin' the 00's

Life was roaring in the twenties. The thirties were consumed by the Great Depression. The forties hosted World War II. In the fifties, people started rockin'. The sixties were a blur, from what I've heard. The seventies (when I was born), also birthed the computer. Everyone looks back fondly at the eighties, to memories of big hair and power mullets. I was in my personal prime in the nineties, when pop culture imploded and "alternative" became mainstream. Now, we are quickly approaching 2009, and finishing out yet another decade. So, with that, here's my question:

What exactly do we call this decade?

Following the usual numbering system, I guess it'd be the zeroies, which sounds stupid. Calling it the 2000's seems more suitable for the century, not the decade.

It kinda makes me feel like we're currently in an "indescribable" era, which sucks. We've had some serious crap happen this decade! Fifty years from now, what will people Google to find out about this period we're living RIGHT NOW?

Just seems weird to me. Anybody have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Oooh... good question! This is my favorite decade so far and when I tell my grandkids stories I want to be able to say something other than "back in the zeroies..."

Anonymous said...

The time GM and Chrysler went down, the attack on the WTC...and of course, when the first black president was elected stand out to me.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have read part two and then went back and read part one again and am laughing my ass off because I too work for the government but I know I work with people who are smarter than that. However, I am sure that this decade will become the turn of the century, but then you will have to figure out how to lable the century. 1900's was the turn of the century. So the 2000's will be the turn of the century. When we lost our minds, our self control, our place in the world, world respect, and the government bought up everything to keep us from drowning in our own mess. Welcome to the Depression at the turn of the new century.

Anonymous said...

In the early 1900s, they called them the "oughts".