Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Supreme Chancellor of Typing!

I was a total geek in high school. I played the tuba. I was in advanced math classes. I was too afraid to go to dances. But, besides ALL that...

I was proud to be the fastest typer in keyboarding class.

It was slightly old school, we actually used electric typewriters. I think it was about the time that schools were trying to figure out how to integrate this new-fangled computer thing.

Ever since, I would occasionally find myself looking at a roadside sign, and typing it out in my head. I felt stupid for doing so.

Recently, during lunchtime at work, some co-workers were having a typing contest. Someone found a website that "tests" you on words per minute, and number of mistakes. They wanted me to give it a shot, and I reluctantly sat down. I do a fair amount of typing at work, but I didn't have very high expectations.

Much to my surprise, I got 80 WPM, with 3 mistakes. Yeah. Turns out, I'm the office typing champ.

I actually felt like I could have done better. Today I tried it again, and got 93 WPM, with no mistakes. Awesome.

Yup, I'm still a geek. Click below to try it for yourself. And I would add that I'm more of a "sprint" typist, not sure how I would fare in a typing "marathon"... :)

93 words


Anonymous said...

Man that's awesome ... I'm hovering around 50 wpm after several tests. I don't know what's good or great. But you're writing nearly double my speed and I was a newspaperman. It's strange the talens friends have you know nothing about. If you hadn't posted this I would probably have thought I could kick your butt in typing, if I thought about it. I'd like to see how Bent does.

Anonymous said...

OK I've improved my score to 72 WPM which I got twice; that was my best score.

I keep coming back to this test. It's pretty fun. You're amazingly fast.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I never bet you a thousand dollars I could beat you at typing. I'd still be owing you that thousand dollars.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OK, Honey insists on a rematch on 10-key, is there a test for 10-key?

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