Monday, February 2, 2009

Wow. Fun.

My daughter is a puzzle fanatic. She'll do the same "Hello Kitty" puzzle 5 times, in one sitting. I decided she could use a new one, so I took her to the game/puzzle store in the Valley mall yesterday. While she perused the Disney princess and Tinkerbell section, I considered buying a big-kid one for myself.

I found a three-dimensional globe puzzle, that was super cool. The $45 price tag was not incredibly cool. I looked at the 1000-2000 piece puzzles... and decided I was looking for an evening of fun, not 6 months of dedication. Then... I came across The Beatles album cover collection. Now, that could be kinda fun... until you realize... they put out this obscure little record called The White Album.

I can imagine the infomercial for this sucker:

"Just what you've been waiting for... The Beatles White Album... as a puzzle! Most puzzles have distinct colors, shapes, and lines, that are a joy to try and fit together. Not this one! Imagine the hours of family fun you'll have while you pluck completely white pieces out of a box full of completely white pieces, and wonder if you'll EVER find any that fit together!"

"Act now, supplies are limited. And... if you call in the next 5 minutes, we'll throw in the perfect compliment... Metallica's Black Album puzzle. You only have to pay the $6.95 shipping and handling!"

Of course, now, if I ever put out an album, I'll keep in mind it's future puzzle marketing potential. Maybe I'll make it completely blue...

Yeah, I know, Weezer already did that. But mine will be very innovative... COMPLETELY blue. :)

Side note: I was just looking at the White Album puzzle photo, and realized it says "100-piece double sided". Does that mean the backs of the pieces are white, too? Phew. Wouldn't want it to be TOO easy.

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nic said...

This band's discography would be great album covers: