Thursday, August 7, 2008

Miss Them When They're Big

I always tell my kids that I'll "miss them when they're big." I'll miss them when they're too big to hold. Too big to need instructions. Too big to sleep with me. Too big to jump in the shower with me. Too big to need my help with every little thing.

Too big to think their Daddy is flawless.

I'm likely closing on my new house tomorrow, after spending a year making the best life I possibly could for my kids in my parents' basement. It's one of many long-overdue last steps in a year-long saga, that will most likely be the worst period of my entire life. If not for my parents, family, loyal old friends, and caring new friends, it would have been much worse.

If not for the unconditional love of my children, I possibly would not have survived.

They are alive because of me. And now, I feel I'm alive because of them. I look forward to them continuing to lead me down an unknown path.


Idaho Dad said...

This is now my favorite post of yours.

JBelle said...

No*kidding, Phil. Brilliant, Otis.

Anonymous said...

You know Otis, this is the most touching, heartfelt, inside thing you have written. One that is the real inside you. One that shows how much you have learned and are learning. Although you have friends and we love you and are willing to share a scotch, a swim, a shoulder, a laugh. In the end there is nothing that is more important than those to little people. You will be a great father. Enjoy every moment, take the time with them, so when you are old, they will take the time with you. Donna

Anonymous said...

Well said, Otis.

The Mom said...

Ok, so I checked your blog since we talked about blogs over the weekend. You didn't warn me and now I'm crying at work. Your children are phenomenal and they are so lucky to have a daddy like you.