Thursday, March 19, 2009

That's My Boy.

I was missing my kids last night, so I gave them a call. My 7 year-old son got on, and was very excited to tell me something.

"Guess what, Dad? I get to be student of the week at school!"

"Wow, that's cool, guy. Did you do something special to earn that?"

"No, the teacher picked my name out of a hat. I get to pick two other kids to have lunch with me in the classroom next week!"

"That'll be fun! Are you going to pick your friend (so-and-so)?"

"He's not in my class, Dad."

"Oh. How about your friend (so-and-so)?"

"Naw. He's kinda crazy."

"I see. Who are you going to pick then?"

"I think... I'll pick... (so-and-so) and (so-and-so)."

"Well, I've never heard you talk about them before. Are they your friends?"

"No, not really."

"Oh. Then why are you picking them?"

"Because they never get picked by anyone else."

I really can't imagine anything that he could say or do that would make me more proud. :)


Unknown said...

Great post Otis,,,,good reason to be proud and a great picture of you two as well

JBelle said...


what a champ.

k said...

You have a future great guy on your hands!

Taryn A. Hecker said...

Ah, we made a good kid didn't we :) He's sweet. Even if he doesn't like my new haircut.

Anonymous said...

Like father like son ;) That's why you pick me to go to lunch sometimes huh... hahahaha!