Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I recently got a "Healthier at Home: The Proven Guide to Self-Care & Being a Wise Health Consumer" book in the mail. It's basically a home health guide, provided free-of-charge from my health insurance company, Group Health. At first, I was excited to have such a thing. I've never had one before. I did realize after thumbing through it, however, that the key phrase in the title is "self-care". It's fairly obvious to me that the books intent is to make people more informed about minor health issues, so you don't run to the doctor for every stupid thing. After all, it's provided by a health insurance company. My favorite section? Flatulence. For those who are uninformed:

6 to 20 times a day? Whoa! I started thinking, do I fart that much everyday? I hope not. It must be while I'm sleeping. Yeah. And I've always wondered what that "foul odor" was a symptom of. Now I know!

So, what does the book prescribe for self-care/prevention of flatulence? It says try not to swallow air, add fiber gradually, use Gas-X, blah blah blah... but the best option by far:

Bingo. You just saved a trip to the doctor! And forget the embarrassment... going to another room benefits us all!

Thank you, Group Health. Armed with my little self-care book, I'll never go to the doctor again. :)


Anonymous said...

My life is now complete! ac

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh Otis...


Idaho Dad said...

Oh man, all this time I just thought my chair was squeaky.

mamaJD said...

I usually go in another room - the room that my kids are in. You get rewarded for that type of behavior. Farts are really popular with the kindergarten crowd. But, I'm sure you knew that.

I bet that book doesn't tell you to pull your finger!