Monday, April 28, 2008


It's interesting what you come across in the months after a divorce.

While getting my camp trailer ready for an upcoming trip, I found this travel Scrabble with an unfinished game. I don't remember who had which rack, but they both had pretty crappy letters left. Not much of a board to work with, either.

I do know that "pique" wasn't a word I laid down. I don't even know what that is; I must have taken her word for it.

I will point out, however, that I was in the lead - 222 to 163. I'll just tell myself that I would have won. :)


Anonymous said...


I was in a very unhappy marriage and I still get upset when I come across stuff.

I gave the ex one of his favorite shirts tonight when he dropped the kids off.

I had kept it for some reason. He left last March.

He was thrilled to see the shirt.


Hang in there.


TN_Top_Hat said...

Oh, this is depressing, really.

Anonymous said...

Time to pick the pieces up and start a new game-know what I'm sayin', G? I know someone who would love to begin a new game with you. She loves "Scrabble" and has been dying for you to play, but she will just keep waiting until you're ready. Maybe, you could just start a game tonight, say, after dinner, and see where it goes from there?!;)